Xn8 Sports Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells Set


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Whether you are a pro bodybuilder or a novice just venturing into the world of bodybuilding, or even for simple health and fitness goals; you’d be amazed at how convenient and effective dumbbells can be in helping you target your body the way you want. However, there is one aspect that majority of the people involved in weight training dread the most, i.e. needing to pick a different pair for targeting a new muscle group. Things can swing to your favour though, if you are able to grab a pair of Xn8 Sports Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells Set. Available as a 15kg & 20kg cast iron adjustable dumbbells set (TO GET BOTH 15KG & 20KG DUMBBELL SETS, YOU NEED TO PAY FOR TWO SETS, NOT ONE). There are quite a few items in a complete set, i.e. 2 knurled handlebars, a set of weight discs, spinlock collars with rubber trims and last but not least, a stylish carry case for packing and moving around with ease.

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